2019 key releases and early 2020 upcoming feature

First of all: our best wishes for 2020, including exciting DevOps projects!

Early January is a good time for a tech company to recap the product momentums of the past year. At Cycloid, in 2019, we got 4 big ones: 

  • We went SaaS! And it was obviously an essential step.
  • We created the Service Catalog: designed by your tech team to provide stacks or images to your end-users that can be deployed everywhere.

Service Catalog

  • We released StackCraft: a design tool to drag and drop Cloud services and generate your Infrastructure as Code on the fly on Terraform. By simply drag and dropping the resources necessary to your Cloud Infrastructure, StackCraft in return will generate on the fly the infrastructure as code as well as the associated pipeline to create, maintain and/or destroy it. This allows you to quickly get an infrastructure up and running, while following the best practices. Variables and outputs can also be defined to make the creation and re-using of the stack as easy as possible. Check this video for more on this module.




Learn more on our product visiting our product page

Looking back at 2019 is good but we also want to share with you what key things will enrich our DevOps framework early 2020: we are about to launch InfraView  - We launched InfraView in March 2020, a critical feature allowing to get a visual representation of the infrastructures deployed on your project's different environments and inspect Terraform State information for each instance.

We look forward to sharing some more news with you!

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