5 posts for 5 years of doing DevOps differently

In April 2020, Cycloid turned 5. In the midst of corona-madness, we celebrated the fact that in the 5 years since the words "DevOps framework" were ever mentioned, we've gone from strength to strength, without ever losing sight of the things that make us truly "us".

Take a look at the articles below, Each focuses on an element of Cycloid that is really important to us as a team and a business. Hopefully, you'll be entertained, informed, or even inspired and, as ever, if you'd like to talk to us about any of the topics, just reach out. We'd love to hear from you!

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The Birthday Series

Implementing teal

 - teal organization, as per Frederic Laloux, is what our company is based on. We discuss what that actually means. 

Going remote-first

- remote's hot right now, but we've been remote for years. Here's what we've learned and seen.

Sticking with open source

- Cycloid loves open-source software, uses it and contributes to it, but our framework itself isn't open source. We tell you why. 

And coming soon...

Team-based recruitment
Innovative products
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A teal organization in a DevOps world

Tonight was supposed to be a big night for the Cycloid team. We turn 5 today and, unlike other...
Apr 17 - 4 min read

What is a DevOps framework?

Cycloid is a DevOps framework. It’s not a dashboard, service, or toolkit - it’s a framework! When...
Aug 06 - 5 min read

DevOps thinking and the Ikea factor

I wrote an ebook series about creating better DevOps teams recently and had a lot of fun. I also...
Feb 16 - 6 min read