12 November 2020 [v1.1.97]

A status page, automatic pipeline refresh, and ANSI compliant CI logs... 

What's new?

Status page

You can now easily check the status of our services directly on the framework, or by going to console.cycloid.io/status.


  • raw code can now be used inside the SimpleText and TextArea widgets
  • widget responsiveness has been improved for medium and small screens
  • automatic pipeline refresh after changes to variables in environments containing pipeline variables


Filtered tags will now be highlighted on events cards


You can now create and update organizations faster by pressing Enter instead of clicking the Save button

What's changed?


The log output from the CI is now ANSI compliant.


The cards style has been improved and you can now copy value from their properties.


On the project page, the loading spinner kept loading when using forms and getting parsing HCL errors -  now, it loads no more!

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26 November 2020 [v1.1.98]

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03 February 2021 [v1.3.0]

OPA for roles and policies, better InfraPolicy management, and trigger improvements...
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