26 November 2020 [v1.1.98]

A changelog (!), diff view for StackForms changes and improved usability... 

What's new?


If you edit your environment variables through StackForms, a diff summary will be generated so you can check all the changes you made before applying them.

StackForms diff view


Cycloid is constantly evolving; you can now read about all the new exciting features, changes and bugfixes on this changelog blog, with a short preview directly from the console.

Changelog preview


What's changed?


The refresh button now properly triggers the concourse resource check endpoint.


  • JSON in textarea widgets are now properly formatted 
  • All widgets with no default value will now be displayed as unfilled


Code editors

The selected and active line contrasts have been improved for better legibility


Tabs characters are now supported on the builds logs view. 



Fixed the number of unfilled required fields

Catalog repositories

Fixed bug that caused credentials creation form error message without any user interaction

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12 November 2020 [v1.1.97]

A status page, automatic pipeline refresh, and ANSI compliant CI logs... 
Nov 18, 2020 11:59:30 AM - 1 min read