Cloud cost management - FinOps just got built-in!

Cycloid's delighted to launch their cloud cost management module, the next iteration of Cost Estimation, and the tool that's going to help you and your team see exactly how, where, and when your cloud budget is being spent. 


Cloud cost management is Cycloid's newest FinOps feature that allows you to set your cloud cost budget and generates a graphical representation of exactly how it is being spent. It lets you break spending down into categories like organizations, teams, and regions. You can then further sort via filters. These can be per account, per project, by date, and more, and you can use the tags you’ve already created via your cloud provider, making the information even more customizable.


The problem

We're sure you don't need too much explanation as to why it's so important to know exactly what your cloud budget is being spent on. What often happens, however, is that the setup of teams gets in the way of true visibility, no matter how important we know it really is. 

In some companies, especially larger ones, the people managing the cloud bills have no real visibility into the day-to-day reality of the spend. That means that the first time they know what's been used is the day they get the bill, possibly only once a quarter or year! That's too long to be in the dark when it comes to modern hybrid cloud infrastructures and fast-moving business.

Another group of people who suffered when things used to be different - those who use multi-cloud. Each of the cloud services offered a breakdown of spending, sure, but there was no way of seeing the breakdown of all the services taken and assessed together. To get around this, some companies opted to manually compile information to create reports. But this still isn't ideal, as it siloes the information in the hands of the report-creator and, apart from anything, is a time-consuming and frustrating job.

Enter cloud cost management

Cloud cost management is here to make your life easier. Here's how it works.


    • Add cloud accounts in “Accounts” (AWS, GCP, and Azure for now, and more added on request)

    • Cycloid collects billing information and creates reports

    • Interact with these reports via filters

    • An accessible, graphical representation of data

    • An accurate breakdown of cloud spending

Cloud cost management is a massive step forward for FinOps in your org. It simplifies your toolchain and means you don't need to resort to (yet another) complex tool or workaround. It's also worth pointing out that Cycloid is the only DevOps platform that currently offers this functionality!

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The future of cloud cost management

From Cost Estimation to cloud cost management and onwards! The future's looking bright for FinOps with Cycloid. Soon we'll be upgrading the tool to provide recommendations for optimizing costs, followed by active budget management with monitoring and alerts. Right now, you can try the feature as part of our demo, which you can access below. 

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