Cycloid at DevOps D-Day 2021: What We Did and What We Learned

This year Cycloid was happy to participate once again in DevOps D-Day - a one-day event in Marseille, France in the very impressive and famous velodrome stadium!

devops d-day

devops d-day stadium

The event covers presentations on all kinds of topics in the vast field of DevOps (which we love as you know), as well as technical and business discussions with product demonstration booths. And of course, our wonderful team was ready before the doors opened!

Cycloid team at devops d-day

From left to right: Olivier de Turckheim (Solution Architect & Customer Success Manager), Meggie Juton (Senior Account Executive), Benjamin Brial (Founder), Chamseddine Saadoune (DevOps & Evangelist)

Fun fact: we had brought in hundreds of goodies and other winter swag, and guess what? They all went like hotcakes. Who said our little owl wasn't cute?

More than 30 conferences in one day!

Yes, it’s a lot. And while almost the whole team proudly and bravely presented Cycloid to the 150+ people who came to our booth (and we thank them ❤️), Chamseddine (so, me) was busy attending as many conferences as possible.

What did I learn?

devops d-day kubernetes

For this edition, Kubernetes was everywhere!

In fact, a lot of things. First, I was able to see a fascinating presentation by Luc Juggery on KubeSphere, a web platform for managing Kubernetes clusters. The KubeFed project was also highlighted. Currently in beta, KubeFed allows you to coordinate the configuration of multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster. It reminds me a bit of the Cluster API, a Kubernetes sub-project, but KubeFed seems to go a little further. Very interesting!

Second, I participated in a very engaging talk about security in public clouds, led by Giuliano Ippoliti. With excellent clarity, (it deserved a shoutout!), he brilliantly explained the key steps to managing the security of infrastructure on the public cloud, using the security management consoles offered by the cloud service providers, setting up a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system or even a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response). This sentence resonated with me: "A SIEM without a SOC (Security Operations Center) has no use". That’s true - often tools without methods and teams that are ready to use them are unlikely to work! 

Finally, I was looking forward to attending the talk from the creator of Kaisen Linux (Kevin Chevreuil) and the presentation on the use of GitPod that I particularly appreciated (thank you Philippe Charrière!). Unfortunately, I was not able to attend in full for a very specific reason...

Time for the Cycloid talk!

I was quite busy finalizing the preparations for my first talk with Cycloid’s Founder Benjamin Brial! While quite stressful, it was a very enriching experience and I was more than happy to tackle a subject that is close to my heart.

Cycloid team at devops d-day

One minute before the start of the show!

What’s the subject exactly? Well, two actually! The objective of this talk was to address the concept of cloud-native in relation to DevOps. A bit of technique, good customer feedback, and voila! - you have a recipe for a great presentation.

If you're curious, you can find the presentation slides in French here.

This is how the 6th edition of DevOps D-Day ended. The day was much too short but intense enough to have exhausted us by the end. 

Want a cool Cycloid goodie for yourself? Don't miss our next event appearance! Check out Cycloid's upcoming events on this page and come say hi (in-person or online!)

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