Cycloid CLI: keeping everyone happy at the Cycloid table

We’re coming out of the summer holidays and straight into an autumn/fall of maximum productivity with the release of the long-awaited Cycloid CLI.

Cycloid already makes it easier for everyone on the tech team to play an active role, with several features (StackForms, InfraView, StackCraft) specifically designed to give non-specialist profiles a better opportunity to see, understand, and interact with your company’s infra.

Now we’re turning the tables with the Cycloid CLI, giving those with the know-how the ability to skip the GUI and head straight to the command line. Aiming to give devs and DevOps engineers a quicker, more comfortable way of interacting with Cycloid, the CLI will allow you to integrate Cycloid into your scripts in a couple of clicks, reducing the time and effort you spend on automation.


Like what? Well, since the Cycloid CLI will support a full range of actions in Cycloid, you can take care of pretty much everything. From adding new lists of users or credentials to hooking up tools like MySQL to incorporate database records - in other words, anything that would take a long and boring time to do manually. Here at Cycloid, for example, our DevOps team uses it almost everyday to perform routine tasks, tech demos for new clients, and to send events within the Cycloid console.

Another benefit to using the CLI is that it plays nice with our API, guaranteeing the latest version of the API information any time you make a request. The CLI is launching in beta and joins wonder-tools TerraCognita and InfraMap in our open-source lineup - try it out today!

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