The first-ever Cycloid hackathon

What are you doing Monday? Monday, June 29th 2020 that is? We’re inaugurating a brave new world of online entertainment here at Cycloid with the announcement of a 100% remote hackathon, and we’d love you to take part. It’s a first for us; since we can’t have the usual get-togethers, meet-ups, and retreats that normally keep up social, we’ve been looking for alternatives, and we think a hackathon could be just the ticket.


A problem worth working on

As a company, we voted to come up with a topic (that’s kinda how we roll) and the winner was blindingly obvious. We’ve opted to get the world’s best and brightest brains coming up with novel ways to reduce the environmental impact of cloud computing.

Being a fairly cloud-centric company, we haven’t missed the fact that cloud computing is a major contributor to carbon emissions. It might offer new energy-efficient solutions and fewer carbon emissions overall, but the energy consumption of data centres is set to account for 3.2 % of  total carbon emissions by 2025.

Even so, we’re convinced that a (virtual) roomful of great minds will be able to come up with - well, if not a solution, at least a helping hand. On the day, we’ll contemplate and analyze a variety of topics  and, hopefully, come up with something really useful. On the kickoff call on June 29, we'll let you know what areas to start looking at. 

Registration and prizes

So, are you interested? We’ve added a prize fund to sweeten the deal (although an opportunity to save the planet is pretty sweet in and of itself) and signing up is completely free. Want to find out what's up for grabs? 

During the hackathon, you’ll have access to Cycloid and mentoring from some of our best devs and marketers. You'll also be able to take advantage of "environmental" mentoring with our partners Agence Lucie (a CSR agency) and Institut du Numérique Responsable (Sustainable Digital Institute) - a green tech association caring about and acting towards key digital related challenges.

You’ll meet new people, flex your coding skills, and stretch your brain cells. And all that without even having to get off your sofa!

Is it for you?

The Cycloid hackathon runs from June 29th - July 2nd, 2020. All participants must register by June 23rd and, crucially, each participant (and not team) must register individually. You can register from Monday, June 8th onwards.

This hackathon is open to everyone, but is particularly aimed at 2 specific groups: Students and Small start-ups. Our definition of a small startup is one that has less than 50 employees, has been around for fewer than 5 years, and has a turnover of less than €1M annually. 


Sign up for the hackathon!


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