DevOps Institute Upskilling IT Survey - what’s in stock for 2022?

Voice your opinion in the DevOps Institute Upskilling IT survey and enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card or donate $100 to the charity of your choice. 3 winners will be selected for each month the survey is open. 

The demand for DevOps professionals is on the rise. DevOps is no longer a question of if organizations need it or not, but rather a question of when to adopt it. Back in 2020, the pandemic pushed global workforce development several years forward into a “next normal” that will require an army of skilled IT talent to succeed. Almost 2 years later, we’re still feeling the effects of this huge cultural change.

What does the IT landscape look like now? How have IT teams adapted to reality? Did the changes from 2020 stick long-term or were they just a necessary means in an extreme situation? That’s for you to tell us.

Here at Cycloid we strongly believe in the culture of empowering and upskilling your team, which is why we are inviting you to take part in this year’s DevOps Institute Upskilling IT survey. 

Last year over 2,000 respondents gave their professional insights from the trenches of dealing with the new normal, adapting to market demands and maintaining their teams. This real-life data truly helped us get the full picture of the state of IT and DevOps in 2020, identify common trends, successes, and market gaps. Here’s some of the truths the DevOps Institute revealed:

  • 49% of respondents would rather upskill their internal team than look for external DevOps professionals (here at Cycloid we wholeheartedly agree!). Hiring for DevOps is difficult - it is much easier (and resource-effective) to empower your existing team with the right training and tools.
  •  70% of IT professionals think that a learning culture was one of the top DevOps ways of working. Change mindset and adaptability - 2 things that both the new normal and DevOps rollout have in common. However, the majority of respondents were not excited about the existing learning tools and opportunities - has this changed in 2021?
  • 68% of respondents show that a DevOps leader must be skilled in empowering and developing others and be able to go beyond one’s ego to help the group. Focus on developer experience became one of the most defining moments of this year.


Over the past 3 reports we’ve seen a growing focus on the human aspect of IT - that’s why, this year, the DevOps Institute is homing in on cognitive and human skills.

The survey will be open to all organisations and positions until January 31st 2022. Take 25 minutes to reflect on your 2021 and participate in the global sharing of knowledge. 

Your answers will allow us to better understand which IT skills are essential for the future, ensuring that organizations are able to accelerate their digital journey. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, the DevOps Institute is giving away $100 Amazon gift cards to 3 contributors each month. 

Help us shape the future of IT and DevOps and make your voice heard!

Take the survey

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