Tick-tock goes the FinOps clock: introducing Cost Estimation

We know that to truly thrive in today’s business environment, you need agility. That means giving some of the control back to your devs, in order to allow them to make more agile, flexible decisions about your infra and the applications running on it. One thing you don’t want to give up control over, though? The bill for those oh-so-agile changes.

If this thought has ever occurred to you, you're going to like Cost Estimation. It gives you back control of your cloud costs - everyone capable of running up cloud expenses will now be able to see a real-time estimation of those costs before the resources are deployed. Your devs are about to become your greatest asset in keeping your cloud costs firmly under control.

This cost control aspect is an obvious win, but there are even more reasons why Cost Estimation makes an excellent addition to the Cycloid platform.

Greater peace of mind for your DevOps automation

For a start, being aware of and responsible for their own cloud costs helps techs feel independent and allows them to work truly autonomously, confident that the decisions they make are the best ones for the situation. As we talk about more in the free ebook Develop the DevOps mindset, autonomous, empowered devs are exactly the kind of people you want on your team.

Another consideration: if you’re one of our many customers who are still slightly dubious about infra-as-code, Cost Estimation is here to put your mind at ease. One of the major benefits of IaC is the ease and speed with which it allows techs to spin up new resources. Ease and speed are great, but not when they extend to the cost of your multi-cloud. Now those interacting with IaC will have built-in cost information, every time they use StackForms or Pipelines, so they'll always be able to check their spending.

One of Cycloid’s greatest aims is to help make DevOps more accessible. Cost Estimation is another facet of this, giving more visibility into an important aspect of cloud management - how much it costs. In the past, this would have been known only by a select few - non-technical team members may not need to know, but allowing them to see and understand it does offer a more accessible, visible SDLC.

WB_Cost Estimation launch_overview_screenshot (1)

Using Cost Estimation

You’ll see Cost Estimation when you log into the console. If you’re not already a Cycloid user, find out more about our DevOps solution or ask our team for a hands-on demo

More about Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is based on TerraCost, our open-source version. You can find it over on GitHub.

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